Selling Your Hammond Organ?

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Keyboard Exchange International

Keyboard Exchange International asks everyone to "HELP US SAVE THE B3's!" We do not want them to be lost over time. due to neglect or the inability to find someone who is interesting in having the organ or preserving it. Contact and send a few pictures of what is needing to be sold and tell us your city and state along with any other details you which to share.

Often we will hear that the organ was a treasured family heirloom. Mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather, cherished this instrument but now no one in the family is interested and we do not have the space etc. Often it is a sentimental situation parting with the memories but the moment has come to find a new home for the instrument. It is a big part of our job to find new homes for these older, classic Hammond organs and Leslie speakers! We love to find them, restore them, upgrade them for modern electrical standards, and put them in a place where they will be used, enjoyed, and even become a part of a regular Sunday worship service. We make all the necessary arrangements.

Sometimes Hammond organ owners think they have an instrument that will be in demand but in fact only a limited number of model numbers have retained value. Some have very little value beyond the sentimental value it might have to the family. Sending us pictures will allow us to determine if you have something of value, and if not we will advise you accordingly. Sometimes it is best to make arrangements to donate an instrument to charity but first find out the facts on your specific instrument. We can help you make this determination.

If the organ you wish to sell is old, has two switches needed to turn on, and the bass pedals go all the way across the bottom of the organ instead of half way.....WE ARE INTERESTED! If not but you do have an external Leslie speaker...we may still be interested.

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Hammond B3 World is brought to you buy Keyboard Exchange International. Are you looking to buy a Hammond Organ? You can view our current inventory of Hammond Organs for sale. If you need financing for your Hammond Organ we can help! We buy, sell, trade and restore Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers. Contact us at or 407-323-7493