Save the Hammond B3 Organ!

Brought to you by
Keyboard Exchange International

Hammond Organs Wanted

KEI is asking for YOUR help to save the B3's! They are doing as much as they can to rescue and preserve as many B3's as possible but still hear of instruments that are being lost from neglect or lack of knowledge about the instruments. Keyboard Exchange is reaching out to everyone concerned about the future of these instruments and trying to get as many instruments back into service to be used in the hands of musicians and others who love the sound of the Hammond B3. Please report any unused B3's that may be available so that they can be put back to use as they were intended. Also looking for Leslie speakers and spare parts!

Most Wanted Hammond Organ Models:
B-3, C-3, A-105, D-152, A-100, RT-3, B-2, BV, BC
Leslie Speakers Wanted:
122, 147, 251, 145, 142, 222, 247, 710, 740, 760, 860

f you have one of these Hammond models for sale please send pictures or a video to Jim Huss at We will review the pictures or video upon reception and contact you via e-mail, fax, or phone. Once we agree upon a mutually beneficial price, we will send you a good faith deposit. The remaining balance will be paid at the time of pickup, before the instrument is moved, via cashiers check made out to whom you specify in advance. If you would prefer to deliver yourself, that is also an option. Depending on your location, we will either use our own transportation to pick up the merchandise or appoint a shipping company. We will find a good home for your instrument, perhaps in a church or the home of an organist.

Hammond B3 World is brought to you buy Keyboard Exchange International. Are you looking to buy a Hammond Organ? You can view our current inventory of Hammond Organs for sale. If you need financing for your Hammond Organ we can help! We buy, sell, trade and restore Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers. Contact us at or 407-323-7493