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This information is provided for reference and general information purposes only. The reader is cautioned that high voltage is present within the electronic components of Hammond and Leslie equipment and electronic repairs and restoration should only be done by experienced, qualified technicians or those familiar with electronics in general. Contact us for a referral in you area.

Let us start by saying that most of the restoration work done at Keyboard Exchange International is done on Hammond B3 and Hammond C3 models. These are the models currently and historically in most demand. The same is true for Leslie model 122 and 147 and the shorter versions 142 and 145. There are other Hammonds that can sound the same as the B3 and the C3 models that are also practical to restore including models B2, C2, A-100, RT-3 and some others. For commercial purposes, we generally limit our restoration work to these models where resale value justifies the cost of the labor and material invested. An individual may choose to restore other models for sentimental reasons and we are happy to work on other tone wheel models when needed.

We have also restored models A, E, G-100, A and BA for historical purposes commissioned by museums and collectors. The X-66 model is another "specialty" instrument and was the instrument that the Hammond factory spent the most to develop. It was way ahead of its time when first introduced in the late 1960's

There are situations where restoration to original condition is most appropriate and other situations that require extensive customization based on the requirements of the owner/musician. We do both at Keyboard Exchange International and truly appreciate the flexibility and wide range of possibilities that exist for Hammond organs.

The two major components of Hammond organ restoration are 1) Electronic including electro magnetic and mechanical) and 2) cabinetry. In both areas we strive to maintain original integrity as much as possible using new vintage parts, rebuilt parts, or suitable new parts specially built and designed for the purpose. An example of this would be tube replacement. We find that tubes built for the military and still available NOS (new old stock) do an excellent job. GE manufactured many of these, which are highly desirable and reliable. (More about tube selection later) Our experience tells us American and Russian made tubes work best. We avoid tubes made in China. We would rather have a good 30-year-old tube that is used and still working correctly, than a new tube from China or of unknown origin. Avoid tubes where country of origin is not immediately available.

Topics to be covered in the future:
  • Internal and External AC wiring
  • Capacitors in preamp and on tone generator
  • Felts
  • Contact cleaning
  • Lubrication

Advise the Pastor at your church of the need for Hammond organ restoration!

Hammond Organ Old Wiring
Hammond Organ Old Wiring
Hammond Organ Old Wiring
Don't let an old, unrestored Hammond organ burn down your church, or home, due to your lack of information or negligence. We were called recently to restore a Hammond organ model C3 because the organ was "sparking" and would not play. After 50 years certain parts need to be replaced including AC wire. The old AC wire insulation has decomposed over time because it was made from rubber. Modern AC wire uses a more pliable and longer lasting vinyl covering. This is relatively easy to replace and should be done BEFORE someone gets hurt or killed and BEFORE a fire is started.

When we restore an organ the internal AC wire is the first thing we replace! We have replaced thousands of these wires but there are many more that need to be done. After we address the safety issues we focus on the audio quality issues, felt replacement and modifications. Help us keep this fine instruments alive for the next 100 years! Be responsible for saving some Hammond organs and possibly saving someone's life! This is important! If you are playing a Hammond and sometimes get a shock.....unplug the organ and contact us immediately!

Contact us for quotes or advise on what should be done and what can be done to enhance your musical experience and with safety! Contact us or a qualified technician for additional information.

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