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Leslie 122 speaker

Leslie Speaker - Model 122

This Leslie speaker is Specifically designed for Hammond organs, the Leslie 122 series is recommended for larger organs whose pedal range extends down to the lower frequencies. The sound is "separated" with the highs reproduced by the spinning horn rotor and the lows coming from the bass rotor. The rotors on the Model 122 series can be operated.
( Leslie 122 Specifcations | Leslie 122 Diagram )

Leslie Speaker - Model 147

The Leslie 147 is Identical to the Model 145 except the cabinet is 8 inches taller. The Model 147RV contains all the same components of the Leslie Model 147, plus a a reverb generator and independent reverb channel. This reverb system utilizes a separate amplifier and stationary speaker.
( Leslie 147 Specifcations | Leslie 147 Diagram )

Leslie 122 speaker

Leslie Speaker - Model 145

The Leslie Model 145 is the same as Model 147 except the cabinet is 8 inches shorter.
( Leslie 145 Specifcations | Leslie 145 Diagram )

Leslie Speaker - Model 142

The Leslie 142 is identical to Model 145 but with the Model 122 amplifier.
Leslie Speaker

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