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Jim Huss' Frozen Finger Method Music Lesson DVD *** Price Reduced to $29 ***
Learn 12 chords in the first lesson! Learn the basics of improvisation ! Learn the basics of jamming! This is for beginners and those of you who only play now by ear. Limited time offer so order now! FREE shipping anywhere in the world for this special promotion!

*** Attention Musicians ***
Give the gift of music to friends and family. This is the ideal gift to get beginners started in the right direction without you having to spend hours of your time with them. This DVD for beginners will jump start a beginner!

*** Parents ***
Give your child the gift of music! Here is something to keep them busy this summer!

Ordering infomation: "Jim Huss' Frozen Finger Method" DVD is $39 $29 including shipping. Please fill out our contact form and let us know in the description that you are interested in purchasing the DVD. You may also order a digital version from
Jim Huss' Frozen Finger Method Music Lesson DVD
The first day I realized that my "frozen finger method" of teaching people to play keyboards was when a customer who was buying an organ asked me to explain how I learned to play music. I explained to him my basic understanding of chords and after ten minutes he said to me "Jim, I have learned more in ten minutes with you then I learned in a year of music lessons! Now I understand better how to play the keyboard!"

While freezing your fingers into one position may sound strange to some, you will literally be able to learn 6 chords in the first 5 minutes of lesson one that will enable you to play dozens of songs! By the end of lesson two, you will learn more than 24 chords, majors and minors, that can be used to play hundreds of songs once you master the use of chords and chord charts. From these basic chords, your knowledge will expand but your foundation of understanding the keyboard will be firmly established. Lesson one will be your musical foundation for the future. Lessons two, three and four, will expand your understanding and enhance your skills. All future lessons will continue to build on these first foundational lessons so master these beginner lessons.

In the Jim Huss, Frozen Finger method of learning to play organs and keyboards, you will learn practical and easy steps to making music. You will have fun making music, playing music and even writing your own music, with a simple step by step process that you will enjoy. You will be amazed by the simplicity but do not confuse simplicity with lack of depth or meaning. While the method makes music easier to understand, you will be expected to grow with each lesson. Each lesson builds on the previous lessons until the music you are playing becomes a complex tapestry of interesting musical expression that you will both understand and enjoy.

You will learn to play keyboards, including keyboard, piano and organ and you will learn basic music theory that you can apply to other musical instruments. You will learn to write your own music, backup singers, find the best key for your own vocal range if you like to sing and more. Mainly you will learn how to play music and enjoy playing and making music. Welcome to a new world! The world of making music can be yours to enjoy and to share with others. Study lesson one which is FREE! If you enjoy what you learn and are encouraged, order lessons two, three and four for only $39 including shipping for a DVD. Repeat the lessons as many times as you need until you are comfortable and ready to move on. We encourage you to share what you learn with friends because making music will often be more fun when you collaborate with others.

Order today and start to enjoy playing and making your own music! If you are a singer and want to back yourself up on keyboard, or write your own songs, this is for you. If you want to start a band, play music in your church, or write your own music, this is the perfect place to start.

One last thought for you... when a guitar player stands upand sings a song while playing their guitar, or writes a song using the guitar, they are playing CHORDS, strumming the stings, and singing. THIS is what you will learn to do on keyboards with the "Jim Huss Frozen Finger Method" of playing the organ and keyboards. Entertain yourself and your friends! Write your own songs! Learn to figure out how to play all the music you hear! Learn how to participate in your church praise team or rock and roll band. Learn to play and enjoy playing music!

Free Music Lesson
Please enjoy this complimentary lesson for you.

Jim Huss' Frozen Finger Method Music Lesson DVD Eight year old Anaya Sterling being presented with gift of music lesson DVD June 2013. Anaya visited Keyboard Exchange International with fellow church members to select a Hammond with Leslie. While at the store she mentioned that she hoped to learn to play the piano because her grandmother played piano. She was presented with the "Frozen Fingers Method" DVD as an encouragement to her. We at Keyboard Exchange International are so happy to have her as our new friend, and wish her much success in all that she does in life, as well as many happy days of musical enjoyment! We hope to hear her playing one day on a Keyboard Exchange video on this web site!

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