Hammond Organ Technical Information
Replace Run Motor and Vibrato Scanner Assembly

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5-85. Replacement of run motor and vibrato scanner assembly will be accomplished as follows:
  1. Remove the rear panel.
  2. At the power terminal panel on the generator, unsolder the red and black wires which lead to the run motor that is to be replaced. (See figure 4-l .)
  3. Unsolder 7 scanner wires from terminals on back of stop base and 2 scanner wires from line box.
  4. Remove shielded lead attached to "SCAN" at preamplifier.
  5. The running motor is secured by four machine screws to the generator frame. Remove the nuts and lockwashers, and then disengage the flywheel coupling springs.
  6. Remove the entire motor and scanner assembly by means of a gentle pull.
  7. Secure a replacement motor and vibrato scanner assembly in place by reversing the procedures above.

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