Hammond Organ Technical Information
Replace Switches for Start and Run Motors

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5-8 1. The switches for the start and run motors are both mounted on the same metal plate; the following replacement instructions are equally applicable to each:
  1. Remove the black bakelite switch handle by unscrewing it in a counter-clockwise direction.
  2. Remove the round knurled nut which holds the switch to the metal plate.
  3. Remove the four oval-head screws which hold the switch plate to the music rack.
  4. Remove the rear panel of the console.
  5. Unsolder the leads (from the defective switch) at the power terminal panel on the generator. (See figure 2-l .) One lead (black) is wired to the start switch. Four leads, 1 yellow, 1 black, 1 blue, and 1 brown, are wired to the run switch. (See figure 4-l .) Unscrew or un-solder jumper wire between switches.
  6. Remove the tape which secures the wires together. Unbraid the wires connected to the defective switch up to the manual chassis so that the switch can be removed.
  7. Pull out the switch. Note the position of the switch with respect to the color of the wires so that the replacement switch will be installed in the correct position.
  8. Install the new switch in the proper position. Braid and tape the wires carefully so that they will not interfere with the operation of the generator run motor.
  9. Solder the leads of the replacement switch to the power terminal panel.
  10. Operate the switch to determine that it has been installed properly.
  11. Replace the rear panel.
5-82. START MOTOR (See figure 5-3).

5-83. Replacement of the start motor will be accomplished as follows:
  1. To make the start motor accessible, follow the procedure for removing the main tone generator. (Reference paragraph 5-63.)
  2. Remove start motor capillary threads from oiling trough.
  3. Disconnect the leads to the start motor at the power terminal panel on the generator.
  4. Using a socket wrench, remove the two start motor mounting screws.
  5. Secure a replacement start motor in position by reversing the procedures above.

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