Hammond Organ Technical Information
Replace Pedal Switch Assembly

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5-77. Replacement of pedal switch assembly will be accomplished as follows:
  1. Remove the pedal clavier by lifting it up in front and then pulling straight back (See figures l-3 and 3- 1.). Be careful to prevent damage to the delicately constructed pusher levers (switch pushers) at the end of each pedal.
  2. Unsolder the pedal cable wires from terminals on the generator.
  3. Disconnect the brown and black leads from the filter located on the rear surface of the upper manual assembly.
  4. Disconnect the orange, red, and yellow pedal signal leads from the resistor strip on the rear surface of the upper manual assembly.
    e. Use small wooden blocks to raise and support the entire console a few inches off the floor to provide the necessary clearance for the removal of the pedal switch assembly.
  5. Loosen and remove the screws which hold the wiring tube (through which the pedal wiringcable passes to the tone generator) to the console shelf, the 3 oval-head and 1 hexagonal-head screws which hold the pedal switch in place, and the screw which holds the swell pedal rod in place.
  6. Lift the cover board and remove the screws which hold the pedal switch assembly to the back rail of the console.
  7. Loosen the large bolt at each end of the pedal switch assembly, then remove the nuts attached to these bolts. Drop the assembly carefully and remove it.

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