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  • Michel Benebig

    From Jim Huss Sept 15, 2016 " It was my pleasure several decades ago in 1995 or thereabout to pick up Michel Benebig at the Orlando airport and transport him to our store. He had traveled 22 hours from New Caledonia, halfway around the planet, to visit us at Keyboard Exchange International. He spent a week with us but it only took a few minutes for me to understand I was meeting with a world class musician, one that would go on to do great things musically with the Hammond B3 organ. From the instant he began playing one of the B3's I had selected for his consideration, I was not only impressed with his musicianship, but also understood that he was a rare talent. He later told me he was classically trained but found that the jazz genre gave him a freedom of expression that he did not experience in other forms of music Michael is passionate about music, life, the Hammond organ, and the people who play and have played the Hammond organ. I was further impressed with him when from necessity he developed the skill set to repair his Hammond organs as needed. In his part of the world there was no Hammond organ technician so he trained to become one. Michael studied under the late Gary Eddinger at Keyboard Exchange International, to learn some of the basics as well as the finer points of Hammond maintenance and repair. Michel appreciated Gary being willing to teach, and Gary appreciated Michael's ability to learn quickly and his intense desire to fully understand the inner workings of the instrument he played so well. Michel's journey has continued and he has generously shared with us some of his collection of pictures and videos of other B3 players. It seemed only logical to feature Michael first among the great musicians which will be featured on this web site. We thank Michel for sharing and we wish him continued success in life and music!"

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